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City schools should expand busing

To The Daily: With the recent incidents of a stranger offering rides to children walking home from school (near Eastwood), shouldn't Decatur City Schools consider city-wide busing for all students?

This would be much safer. There would not be the horrendous mess at all of the city schools with parents (or whomever) dropping off and picking up children every day. Parents and children would know what bus to board and there would be designated spots to pick up and drop off the children.

Decatur is way behind the times on this issue. This is a very important safety/security concern.

Gale Charnell

Too many details about racy e-mails

To The Daily: I celebrated with today’s (Jan. 10) headline that the “e-mail probe” of the county computers is over. While I don’t support my tax money being used by county employees and officials sending tasteless and possibly pornographic material to each other, I also find it hard to support my tax money being spent on what certainly seems to be a politically motivated “witch hunt.” So, thankfully and hopefully, it’s another petty mess behind us.

What I strongly protest is the graphic details of some of the e-mail content being plastered on the front page of Tuesday’s edition of The Daily. I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing about the kneeling woman and the policeman. To say: “too much information” would be an understatement.

I expect our local newspaper to report the news in an unbiased manner, and please — use some discretion when considering the content of your articles.

Connie Parker

Glasscock sets a poor example

To The Daily: With regard to the racy e-mail scandal involving our county leadership, I am confused on a couple of issues. First of all, why was Mr. Underwood fired yet Commission Chairman John Glasscock did not receive so much as a slap on the wrist?

I believe that he who has nothing to hide hides nothing. Apparently Mr. Glasscock actually did realize that his use of our county computers was questionable at the least, otherwise why would he literally hide from the TV cameras when approached about the subject by reporters?

It does not impress me that Mr. Glasscock submitted an apology to The Decatur Daily. It does disturb me that he refused to answer questions posed to him by TV reporters. If Mr. Glasscock wants to share e-mails of a personal nature with his former co-workers, he should share them from his home computer. Personally, I would like to see my tax dollars being used for the good of the people of Morgan County rather than to pay someone’s salary who clearly has no regard for common decency. I feel that Mr. Glasscock’s use of the county computers in this manner shows a gross lack of ethics, morality and maturity.

I am embarrassed by this entire travesty. The very fact that the commission closed the chapter on this issue causes me concern. I feel they are literally paving the way for further immoral, immature and unethical behavior by persons who should be an example of all that is good and decent in our society.

Carol M. Hardin

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