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Radio personality Cousin Josh was last of his kind

To The Daily: I am writing about Cousin Josh (aka George Rose), who passed away a few weeks ago. I grew up listening to Josh on WHOS-AM 800 radio station in Decatur, back in the ’60s and early ’70s. He later went on to WKAC radio in Athens. Cousin Josh was nice to everyone. He was never too busy to talk to anyone. He never had an ego like so many radio and TV personalities have now. He was always willing to help good local artists out by playing their music on his show when no one else would. Cousin Josh made us laugh.

Cousin Josh was the last of his kind and he will be missed by his loyal friends and fans. I hope to see a street or something named in his honor, to help keep his memories alive. Our prayers go out to Cousin Josh’s family. I hope to be able to see Josh someday in Heaven.

David W. Kelley

Vegan diet would reduce greenhouse gas emissions

To The Daily: A report (per Paul Harvey) said the animal food industry generates more greenhouse gases (methane) than all the other industries combined.

Based on this report, if we all became vegetarians, we could go a long way towards beating the human contribution to the problem of global warming.

So, pay your money and take your pick.

Morris Whittington

Glasscock should either resign or be dismissed

To The Daily: If Commission Chairman John Glasscock does not have the humility to resign his post, which apparently he does not, he should be dismissed from his position. If the commission does not intend on serving the best interests of the people of Morgan County by dismissing Mr. Glasscock, perhaps more heads should roll.

Edward L. Byars

Evans’ resolutions: A different perspective

To The Daily: Since the Rev. James Evans thinks his 10 resolutions, if enacted, would make the world a better place, I would like to offer a different viewpoint.

Because of word limitations, I will address the last five resolutions.

6. As for the men the Rev. Evans finds fault with here, I would say they have the right to engage in politics. Nothing in the Bible or the Constitution demands that a man in ministry not speak out on the issues of the day.

7. I know that every reference to God doesn’t have to be sandblasted off of our national monuments in order to be true to the Constitution.

8. The Rev. Evans hopes and prays that homosexuals will stop being “demonized.” He follows with, “We are all sinners, but God loves us anyway.” By this line of reasoning, if I commit adultery, I’m covered with the love of God. It follows that, if I hate my neighbor because he comes from another country, I’m covered. After all, “We are all sinners, but God loves us anyway.”

9. The Rev. Evans gives evolution a free ride on the coattails of ecology. This was cleverly done. Who in his right mind would argue against clean water and air? And, by the way, all that stuff in Genesis about God creating man out of the dust of the Earth: You don’t take that literally do you?

10. Finally, the Rev. Evans wishes for peace on Earth. I actually agree with him on this one. “Peace on Earth” will come to pass when all men kneel before the Prince of Peace.

Eric Drexil Holland

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