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Elected officials should be held to higher standard

To The Daily: First, I have to say that I am very disappointed in the Morgan County commissioners. What are they trying to hide? Firing the HR person was just the first step in what should have been a complete investigation. The chairman, guilty of the same conduct, has walked right back into his chair with no difficulty.

What makes elected officials think they are held to a lower standard than employees? Should they not be held to a higher standard for the trust the public has placed in them by electing them in the first place?

I applaud the officials and employees who followed the law and gave their computers to be inspected. They had nothing to hide. The ones like Sheriff Greg Bartlett and Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott evidently do have something to hide. Why do they think that they are above the law? Do they not have to answer to someone? This “sensitive material” on their computers is a sorry excuse. Public records should be just that.

I think Commissioner Stacy George is fighting an uphill battle against the “good ol’ boy” system, but I give him credit for still trying to do what is right and uncovering the truth about our county government. If I were an employee or elected official who had my computer inspected, I would feel a sense of discrimination, since others were allowed to refuse this order and evidently got away with it.

If I lived out of state and was considering Decatur for my home, I would think twice about moving to a city where elected officials cover up for other elected officials.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Carol Wright

Commissioners’ actions ‘pathetic and unacceptable’

To The Daily: Thank you for the coverage of our county commissioners because, without your articles, we the people would not know. The casualty count continues to rise. One person gone, another one threatened with termination and who knows when it will end? It will end on the next Election Day, boys.

Unfortunately, collateral damage so far, includes: loss of respect for fellow commissioners, employees, elected officials and the public, as well as the image of Morgan County. Not to mention this preoccupation with a work-ethics issue to the point of neglecting creative work to continue to improve Morgan County government. The media is telling this story because nothing else is getting done.

As well-meaning and morally driven as some might be, they can do better. The zeal and passion is evident; however, it is without knowledge.

They need to focus on building up this county, one person at a time. Using their elected position to hound another official on such a foolish concern has defined the limit of their capabilities. This is the point they have overlooked.

This e-mail spat has demonstrated once again that some on the commission need to, as Dirty Harry Callahan in the movies said, “know his limitations.” Apparently they do not even understand how pathetic and unacceptable their actions are — yet.

David Childers

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