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Daily, Democrats responsible for future terrorism

To The Daily: Since The Decatur Daily is part of the band that has Osama bin Laden dancing to the Democrat cut and run two-step in his cave, I wish you would answer this question: As we ride the Pelosi/Murtha Yellow Streak train out of Baghdad, what do we do when the next bomb goes off?

Greg Barkett

GOP applause was directed toward Day

To The Daily: During the second week of January the Morgan County Democratic Party issued a press release to Channel 19 News. In that press release they condemned Sheriff Greg Bartlett and Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott for refusing to release the hard drives from their computers. Conspicuously absent from their press release was Probate Judge Bobby Day, a lifelong, active Democrat.

He refused to give Commissioner Stacy George access to his hard drive because of a clear state law which absolutely forbids a probate judge from releasing the names of persons who put their children up for adoption. He is to be commended for standing up for the law and fulfilling the duties of his office.

Your paper wrote about members of the Republican Party applauding the refusal of Sheriff Bartlett and Revenue Commissioner Scott to release their hard drives at the Morgan County Commission meeting. Neither of these persons was even at that meeting.

I was there, I am the secretary of the Morgan County Republican Executive Committee and I applauded.

The person we applauded was Bobby Day and the ap-
plause came after he spoke and refused to relinquish his hard drives.

We applauded his respect for the law and his devotion to the duties of his office.

Julie Clausen

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