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Cap ban is wrongheaded

To The Daily: I need some help or legal advice. About eight weeks ago, the Decatur City Board of Education voted to stop everyone from wearing a cap in the gymnasium while watching basketball games. They said it is gang-related, but I do not agree. If you are a grown man or woman paying money to get into games, you should be able to keep your cap on if you want to. You have men over 60 whose heads get cold.

What I’m asking is, can they do that? Is there a law that tells you what you can and cannot wear? They say they know the gangs with their caps on. If they know who they are, why won’t they tell the children they suspect, instead of making everyone take their caps off?

On Nov. 7 at 11 a.m., we had a meeting with Superintendent Sam Houston, asking him to reconsider the remark. He said he would go along with what the principals and coaches said. Right then, I knew something was not right. The next morning, Nov. 8, at 8 a.m., Dr. Houston’s secretary called me, telling me that I had a free ticket to the game. I told them I could not be bought out like that.

Woodrow Johnson Sr.


Apology not enough punishment for Glasscock

To The Daily: The Republican Party certainly wants the e-mail issue to be over. The voters may start to ask embarrassing questions. Like why is Commission Chairman John Glasscock still on the job? Is this a rehash of “no law was broken”?

Human Resources Director Jack Underwood was fired for sending inappropriate e-mails. Mr. Glasscock did the same thing. We know Mr. Glasscock is sorry that he got caught.

Let’s get this equation right. Unfired elected official forwards legal pornography on county-owned computer is equal to a fired employee forwards legal pornography on county-owned computer. What is the moral? Oh yes, it is the big “unfired elected official” part and little “fired step on your head employee.” Equal, do you think? Why is Mr. Glasscock still being paid by the taxpayers? Why has he not resigned? Surely he is not operating under the assumption that an apology will suffice?

Patsy Sparkman


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