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County officials wasting time, taxpayers’ money

To The Daily: The county commissioners may say “it’s over,” but the county commissioners, the sheriff, and Amanda Scott should use the next four years to learn a new vocation if they want to work.

Everyone calls this a “witch hunt,” but it wasn’t a witch hunt when Mr. Underwood was terminated. However, when the investigation gets close to home, then it became “to hot to handle” for the other people involved. If Commission Chairman John Glasscock retains his job, Sheriff Greg Bartlett continues his job and Ms. Scott continues working for the county, then they should reinstate Mr. Underwood.

It’s an “easy out” to blame Stacy George. However if someone was stealing cash from the county, then everyone would want to know who all was involved. Well, wasting time on computers paid for with our money, money paid for wages out of our tax money, is the same thing as theft.

Taking money to change locks on an office door without the commission’s approval is the same as stealing money. It was an unnecessary expense. I voted for most of the present county commissioners but that will not happen again. Commissioner Jeff Clark did the same thing Greg Bartlett did — changed political parties when the Republicans were strong. That alone shows they are so unstable they will go whichever way the wind blows.

I have no doubt that Glasscock will be defeated next time. Because Commissioner Ken Livingston and Mr. Cark refuse to find out what the sheriff and Ms. Scott are hiding, I will personally remind the voters next election time. So, let me just forewarn the officials in question: It ain’t over till we say it’s over.

Aaron Potts


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