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Secondary education is ripe for overhaul

To The Daily: High school as we know it is due for a change. As a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, I join with more than 178,000 educators to call for improving high school so it is more educationally meaningful for students and better prepares them for continued education and work in a global marketplace.

We are called to action, not only by the problem of high dropout rates touted in the press, but also by low levels of student engagement and increasing concerns that even those who graduate from high school are poorly prepared for college-level work and successful employment.

Educators and policymakers alike believe our nationís high schools are in need of reform. But with more than 18,000 high schools in the United States, one thing is clear: A one-size solution will not work. Any reform plan should focus on building student engagement and providing courses that are both rigorous and relevant.

Educators embrace accountability, particularly when it helps show our communities how effective our local schools are and when assessments provide valuable information.

Engaged students not only attend school more, but are also likely to get more out of their time in school because they approach learning more eagerly, seek greater opportunities and persist in the face of difficulty.

Margaret L. Moore

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