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Bible, good sense support spanking

To The Daily: Chasity Compton is correct concerning the Scriptures giving us permission to spank (Jan. 25). A 3-year-old, you ask? Yes, when a child can throw a tantrum, he is big enough to get a spanking. I wonder if those who said no to spanking have even researched it in the Bible. Beware people, God is in charge and he says, “Vengeance is mine.”

Spanking does not mean beating, but a couple of good swats on the rear end are not going to hurt an unruly child.

Judy Peters
East Lawrence

Hill a spiritual hero

To The Daily: I just wanted to send a letter of thanks for the wonderful article on Junior Hill. In a world where people often live contrary to godly values, it is refreshing to see an individual of such integrity highlighted.

Having had the privilege to spend time with Brother Junior on several occasions, I can give testimony of his humble spirit, impeccable character and love for Jesus Christ. He has been greatly used of the Lord in my life and, as a young pastor, I consider him one of my spiritual heroes. Without a doubt, Junior Hill is a North Alabama treasure and I am glad you have taken the opportunity to honor him.

Shane Russell
Pastor, Shoal Creek Baptist Church

Worth a long drive to hear minister

To The Daily: Your article on the Rev. Junior Hill was a wonderful tribute to a great man of God. Many times we are not aware that we have “Apples of Gold” among us.

Rev. Hill is an encourager of encouragers, a minister to ministers. He is known and loved by God’s people the world over. Many, including me, drive many miles to hear a fresh “word from God” through him when he comes to our area.

Valton Douglas
Pastor, Unity Baptist Church
Moselle, Miss.

Send our illegal immigrants to Iraq

To The Daily: The solution to our situation in Iraq is illegal immigration. Send all illegals to Iraq. Send anyone else who wants to go. Give them some cash and wish them good luck.

We’ve invaded with bombs and fire and only made the internal conflagration worse. Invade with hard-working Hispanics. Flood the place with people — unarmed people. Smother the fire with foreigners. Give the Iraqis the opportunity to teach Spanish in their schools.

Instead of spending billions on troops and weapons, spend it on relocating people to Iraq. Load up those huge cargo planes with folks looking for a better life and deliver them to Baghdad. Build some houses, hand out some money (we’re spending it like drunkards anyway). Forget the infrastructure for more. The Mexicans will take care of that once they get going. Build some Supercenters. Weapons of mass destruction? How about some weapons of mass consumption?

Blind the Iraqis with shopping and culture shock. While they’re busy buying stuff, resisting assimilation and converting Catholics to Islam, we leave. They’ll never miss us.

Monty Cagle

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