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Mom’s good advice is still true today

To The Daily: Fifty odd years ago, my mother gave me some wise words to live by. They have served me well over the years in my dealings with family, friends and co-workers. These words are still relevant today, and should be the first words seen by every public servant when turning on a government-owned computer.

Mom said: “Never say anything that you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of tomorrow’s Decatur Daily.”

Thanks, Mom.

Jim Shook

‘Get these bozos out of office’

To The Daily: I wrote a letter to the editor a week ago about the HR manager for the Morgan County Commission being found guilty of possessing pornographic material on his computer hard drive. Unfortunately, my letter was published before the investigation also found several pornographic images on Commission Chairman John Glasscock’s hard drive. Commissioner Glasscock should resign immediately. Since he can’t be “fired,” resignation is the only alternative.

As far as the other commissioners who refused to cooperate with the investigation, a scan of the hard drive of each of these persons along with a review of the e-mail server should clear up everything for once and for all. An independent forensics expert, (not Stacy George or any of the other commissioners with a vested interest), should conduct this review. The forensics expert examining the computers should be held to a confidentiality agreement in order to protect sensitive information (i.e. adoption records), and the results of such investigation should be shared only with the judicial panel. If anything is found that violates county policy, the commissioners committing said acts should be pointed out for their violations and asked (told) to resign.

If these commissioners abuse the power that we have given them, what can we do to impeach them? Get these bozos out of office. Sorry, Mr. Glasscock, but an apology is not enough. If the head of the HR department got fired, Mr. Glasscock should also lose his job.

It’s time to get this investigation over and get on to more pressing matters, like running the county government. And if we have to get a whole new group of commissioners to run the government, then so be it.

Becky Argenti

Newspaper dictates policy in Morgan

To The Daily: Congrats to The Daily. I suppose you got what you wanted.

Your “objective” newspaper is now dictating county policy
for the citizens of Morgan County.

Matt Stiles

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