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Not enough spanking of children these days

To The Daily: Look around. Every day we see children acting like complete spoiled, rotten little brats. Itís everywhere you look: in the supermarkets, malls, theaters and even in the churches. The problem is already so out of hand, because of the child protection laws and rules, that the children know all they have to do is tell a responsible person in some sort of authority and the parents will be in trouble.

I, like most of the public, love children and also realize there are parents out there who really beat their children. Those are the ones who need to be dealt with. No child deserves a beating.

On the other hand, I was brought up to have some fear of what the consequences would be if I didnít do what was expected of me. I knew my parents would not be happy and either a punishment or a spanking would be in store — sometimes both. I recall a few spankings and they were definitely a deterrent to my devilish antics.

I had no problems whatsoever in spanking my children when they needed it. I warned them one time and then they got one. You would be surprised how fast they caught on. After they knew the consequences, they minded fairly well.

It says it in the Bible: ďSpare the rod, spoil the child.Ē


Foster parents deserve an increase in compensation

To The Daily: I am a 20-year-old foster child. I live in Russellville. Iíve been with my foster family for four years now. Itís a therapeutic foster home. I read the article about the Department of Human Resources requesting more funds to increase the pay for foster parents. I could not agree with this more.

The people who take foster children in do not do it for money. Trust me, if that was the only incentive they had, there would be no foster parents. These people are good-hearted, compassionate, loving, concerned and devoted people. They care about the children they take in. They nurture these children. They do it because itís in their hearts to do so.

A lot of these foster parents have their own children along with foster children. It takes extraordinary people to take in a child and to raise him as if he is their own. Something that makes it even harder for these foster parents is that the entire purpose of foster homes is to give the child an encouraging and safe environment, while the childís family tries to get help with whatever problem they have. This makes it extremely difficult for the foster parents, because they really never know how long a child will be with them. And yet, they still put their hearts on the line to ensure the safety of these children.

Yes, the foster parents of Alabama deserve an increase in pay. Iím asking everyone who feels the same as I do to write our governor and tell him what you think. Tell him that these amazing people deserve to be paid more; these children are worth so much more than what they are being shown by our government.

Please do everything you can to help this problem.

Brittany Van-Steenis

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