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We are stupid people lacking in integrity

To The Daily: Recent developments concerning the actions, performance and ignorance of local government officials made me realize how ignorant and stupid citizens of this country are. It is accepted that the president of the United States of America commits adultery without punishment, so now other public officials exercise the same right to screw up.

Illegal activities have become the norm for American citizens and are being ignored due to the lack of integrity of law enforcement. For example, simple daily driving does not include the use of turn signals. If you follow this trend, turn signals should become an option. Law enforcement does not use turn signals.

Driving any road leads through a landfill; but federal, state and county hotels-for-criminals are overcrowded and better equipped than any school.

One hundred citizens have to waste time at the juror’s-pool room for one week when only 12 are needed. Aisle signs in Spanish are added to the cost of consumer goods. Soon we’ll dial “3” to hear the menu in English.

Do some commercials insult your level of intelligence? If not, you are an idiot.

Is all this a direct result of federal mandates to lower and ignore standards?

The level and quality of basic education has declined, resulting in lowering entrance exams or eliminating them altogether. It is easier and there is less overhead to manipulate idiots than educated people.

Citizens, there is still time to wake up and make changes. Are our troops wasting their lives waiting for you to do so?

God can change his mind about the blessing — and it may not come from him. His job jar began to overflow on July 5, 1776 — not on Sept. 11, 2001.

Paul Eick

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