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All road vehicles, not just trucks, should slow down

To The Daily: When was the last time you were on the interstate driving? For nine months I commuted back and forth to Birmingham, during what you could say was “rush-hour traffic.” It doesn’t matter what speed you drive — there is someone who has to drive faster. Most of the time it was cars, not trucks.

Alabama doesn’t have enough law enforcement on the road, period. You have cars darting in and out of traffic racing to get there the quickest, but they are not necessarily the safest. Yes, I used to drive a “big rig” as you called them, but most of the time, it is the cars causing the problem.

I know right where the accident happened and I will not pass a car or big truck in that area. But if you are not from this area and don’t drive the road enough, you wouldn’t know about that stretch of road and what a hazard it is. It is not safe going into the bridges there. But the biggest problem is not enough state troopers to handle the traffic. You give a motorist a 5 mph break on the speed limit and they take 10 to 15 mph. We need to slow down the traffic of all kinds to make the roads a safer place to be.

Henriette Hipp

Shinn makes up rules, abets rule-breakers

To The Daily: I feel Morgan County needs a new lawyer.

It seems that Bill Shinn makes up the rules as he goes, without knowing what the laws are governing public records.

One week he tells us the County Commission one thing, then he changes his mind and says they can’t do it that way. How do they know how to vote?

His idea of charging people to see public records seems to me like discrimination against the poor, who can’t afford to pay a fee every time they might need a public record.

He goes right along with all the rest who are trying to hide what they are doing on county time and with county property and money.

Margaret W. Smith

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