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Refocus energy on domestic troubles

To The Daily: Is anyone running our nation anymore, or is it running itself? Our borders are wide open for anyone to come into our country. That has already been proven with all the illegals flooding our streets and job market.

It is not a small problem anymore, and if anyone thinks this, just try looking for a place to live or a job that pays more than minimum wage.

Why have our leaders let this happen? Some say because big business and our leaders are in bed together, both filling their pockets from cheap labor. Our social programs are failing because so many are taking from them — people who have never put anything into them.

The original plan for Social Security and Medicare programs was to take care of those who belong here, not anyone who comes into this country against the law. Our leaders are letting this happen every day. Only the American workers can stop this by not hiring illegals or allowing them to be hired and remain in this country.

I think President Bush is ignoring this problem by staying in Iraq. He is trying to finish what his father started and didnít finish. Iraq was a lost cause from the start. There have been wars there for thousands of years. They were fighting when Jesus was on Earth and we canít stop them. No one can. We need to bring our troops home and try to run our country with what we have.

We must secure our borders and nation, work on our homeless and children starving in our homeland. We need to remove all illegals and bring our social system back to America, where it belongs.

We can do this by uniting as Americans, carrying our flag to this nationís streets. Itís time for America to rebound.

Ronnie C. Farrow

Impeach Bush ... and then weíre really stuck

To The Daily: As I return home from a hard day of work, I always read The Daily and turn on Fox news.

The other day, I got more great news. The Daily tells me we are going skimpy on training for our troops, that the situation is dire. CNN then tells me that we have ďlostĒ $12 billion in Iraq. Twelve freaking billion dollars. When are the Congress and the American people going to wake up to this mess? The president and his Republican handlers have lied to us for years. WMDs, not; Osama and his folks, not; $12 billion stolen, yeah; thousands of our kids killed, absolutely.

President Clinton was no saint. He lied about an affair and almost got impeached. There is no comparison in lies. It is time for Congress to start impeachment proceedings against President Bush. When he is removed from office for lying to us about Iraq then we will have — Dick Cheney. O.K., never mind. We are in dire times now.

Tim Crow

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