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Morgan public officials set a poor example

To The Daily: Letís go back for just a minute and do some reasonable thinking. Many letters to the editor have been written for and against Stacy George and his reasoning as to why he is interested in whatís on the county servers. Too many times public officials have been let off the hook for their wrongdoing when they should have known better in the first place. As citizens of Morgan County we should be proud that someone on the commission is trying to get to the bottom of this.

Iím sure Commission Chairman John Glasscock would have fired one of his employees if they had been viewing porn on county time. Many young people read The Decatur Daily and they are getting a good education on how public officials operate. And we sit and wonder why our countryís morale and standards are going to Hades in a handbasket.

Randy Kirby

Equip first-responders with blankets for injured

To The Daily: I recently was at the scene of an accident at Sixth Avenue and Gordon Drive. Fire Department personnel arrived promptly and immediately began helping several injured people.

I told a responder that one of the things needed badly were blankets, as the injured were lying on the ground in 27-degree temperature with sleet falling. He told me they did not have blankets with their emergency equipment.

This strikes me as a serious deficiency. Blankets would certainly have made the injured more comfortable, and may have prevented a worsening of their condition. I hope Decatur can find the funds to provide a few blankets for the units that respond to emergencies.

Earl Chastain

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