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Boycott business that abuses flag

To The Daily: I am retired from the U.S. Navy with more than 22 years of service during World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Respect for our flag should be used at all times.

An unnamed business started flying the U.S. flag on top of their building for the purpose of attracting business customers. They have about 15 flags at the present time and they are never taken down at night. They are exposed to all types of weather.

From what I can find out, they are using our flag as their logo. Can you believe this? Would you join me in boycotting this business?

Herman Casey

More local soccer coverage, please

To The Daily: On Feb. 13, the Alabama High School soccer season started with both Austin and Decatur girls teams playing matches in town. This being said, where was the reporting and where are at least the box scores from these matches? The city of Decatur and The Decatur Daily have both lauded the economic and social impact of the sport in the River City, but then fail to support that impact with grassroots coverage of our own elite teams on their opening day. Anyone who has endeavored to build a business or raise the level of awareness in a economic-based activity can share that the only way to have success in those activities is to support the grassroots bases for that activity or business.

It may seem no one cares about soccer in our community, but I view it as a silent stronghold of sports fans who are eager for coverage and information concerning our sport. The level of support from parents is huge and the level of commitment by the players from youth to professional is phenomenal. People laugh and call soccer a sissy sport, a communist sport or a sport just for children. If this is the case then why is there a world championship and why is it the number one sport in the world?

Those of us who live in the Valley know growth is happening and we can see how far soccer has come in a very short time. Decatur struggles with identity in many areas, but soccer is an avenue in which it can become a leader. We have the fields, the ideas are in place, we have seen the economic impact and the numbers of players and others involved are here. Now please Decatur Daily, do you part and support our schools in their efforts to help soccer be a premier sport in our city.

Steve Armstrong

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