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Alternatives to school consolidation in Lawrence

To The Daily: The last few months have been filled with letters for and against consolidation of the schools in Lawrence County. I am appalled at some of the letters from some of the LCHS alumni who feel they received an inadequate education. For the most part, unless a person has a learning disability, he/she gets out of an education only what he/she puts into it.

In every school system, there will be a few teachers who, in the words of a past student, ďare just waiting on May,Ē but for the most part, the teachers at LCHS are dedicated to seeing that their students succeed. Itís strange that some LCHS alumni go to college and succeed while others struggle after having the same teachers in high school. I guess it depends on how much effort he/she puts into college. More work and less drinking and partying would help.

As for consolidation, there are many other options that result in less disruption. One option would be using buses already traveling to the Tech School for other electives that are lacking. There might have to be an addition to the Tech School, but that would not be as costly as adding a new school in this county. Plus, there would be less disruption to the county students as a whole. Mount Hope, Hatton, Hazlewood, R.A. Hubbard, East Lawrence and Speake are already running buses to the Tech School every day anyway. Another option would be to realign only the areas that are draining the budget.

Sandy Frost

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