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Hats off to school officials for safety precaution

To The Daily: I read with amusement and some confusion about the hullabaloo over banning hats at basketball games.

I recall in the past young men were taught that proper etiquette required removing their hats when entering a building. My observation is that men seem to consistently remove hats for the Pledge of Allegiance, the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” and prayer. Very seldom do men remove their hats when entering any building. First, it seems good manners would encourage the removal of hats at basketball games (unless they are played outdoors).

I realize that the issue is not etiquette but safety. That is all the more reason to support any effort that increases safety for our students, school personnel, and others. Safety measures often require some inconvenience. It is hard to quantify the difference such measures make because they prevent events that are often never known about.

I celebrate, encourage and applaud any effort our school officials can make for a safer atmosphere in our unsafe world. Sadly, clothing is a part of the issue of safety and learning environment in many aspects. As adults we should have learned the necessity of some sacrifices for the benefit of our children. No hats indoors seems to be a small sacrifice.

Ann Allen

Eliminating blight costs nothing, requires pride

To the Daily: I am happy to see the recent articles about Valley area trash/litter/junk, including the most recent one: “Homeowners clean junk-filled porch at city’s request.”

“Blight” is the right word. This is a major issue a lot of people seem to be tiptoeing around and I don’t understand it. If I were asked today what is a major deterrent to attracting BRAC personnel, I would say countywide litter. Decatur is bad, but the county is horrendous. We need a major campaign to become Morgan proud.

I don’t accept the excuse “we are on welfare” or “we don’t have the money.” Wrong. Cleaning and maintaining your property does not cost a dime — just sweat labor. Not littering does not cost a dime — just pride and caring about your environment.

Maybe in The Daily Scrapbook we should publish pictures of homes and properties that demonstrate a clear lack of personal pride or concern for their neighbors/community.

Mike McKean

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