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Bible conveys truth, science is secondary

To The Daily: The Feb. 10 column in The Daily by the Rev. James L. Evans includes a biography at the end of the column which states he is a syndicated columnist and serves as pastor of Auburn Baptist Church. In his column he asks questions and makes statements that seem likely to come from a person of a non-biblical background, but I find it very confusing that a pastor who has studied the Bible would make such statements.

Mr. Evans stated that the faith position has proven to be incorrect for the past 500 years and is at war with science. The battle lies with the truth and the one who does not want us to believe the truth. If there is a discrepancy between what someone believes to understand as science and the truth of the Bible, the biblical truth will prove to be correct.

God is not the author of confusion; however, there is an adversary who wants to discredit the Bible. His modus operandi is to use a little truth and twist it to gradually eliminate the work of God, leaving room for whatever you want to believe. He asks us to question Godís absolute truth just as he did with Eve. We are told to put aside the Bible.

In this day and time, that is the politically correct, tolerant position many have chosen. Our schools are no longer the place where the absolute unchanging truth of the word of God is taught. The Bible has been removed. Put the Bible in the forefront, and accept the truths therein, and there will be no question of evolution.

There comes a time for everyone to choose whom he or she will serve or believe, as for me and my house, we will chose the Lord. His truth is everlasting and unchanging.

Lisa Smith

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