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Tom Little was a better candidate than Ken Collier

To The Daily: It never ceases to amaze me how Decatur and Morgan County continue their downward trends. First, we have Morgan County commissioners and their refusal to get to the bottom of the e-mail scandal; a mayor and three members of the City Council who spend money like there is no tomorrow and now the police chief retiring and putting Ken Collier as the chief. That alone is an insult to the office. Just because Mr. Collier has 36 years as an alleged police officer doesn’t make him qualified to occupy the office.

Bringing in the other candidates was nothing more than a show for the public. Tom Little is better educated and has a better background in law enforcement than Mr. Collier.

It’s unfortunate the office of chief of police isn’t an elected office as the sheriff’s office is. In Alabama anyone can be terminated from their job for any reason. Maybe when we get a new mayor and a new City Council, that option can be used to improve the Police Department.

Aaron Potts

Test driving skills of teens, not seniors, regularly

To The Daily: Re: re-testing drivers over 70. Look at the stats on accidents. Few drivers over 70 cause accidents compared to the younger drivers. A lot of drivers over 70 take the “55 and Alive” class, which not only helps them in their driving skills, but also allows them a discount on their insurance. So, the insurance companies must think that is a good thing.

Now, look at the drivers in the youth group running red lights, rear-ending cars and driving under the influence. More people are killed each year because of drivers running red lights. They are going too fast, always in a hurry and waiting at the next light because they couldn’t beat the yellow light. These are not drivers over 70. Some teens who just got a license get into accidents. Some are fatal.

Maybe we should test young drivers once a year to make sure they are not a threat on the road. Speed, alcohol and drugs are a major factor in these young people. I doubt you will find that the case in drivers over 70.

Orville Wahoski

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