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Opinion and fact, science and faith

To The Daily: In the Feb. 10 Decatur Daily, there was an article titled, “How do faith, science and politics fit together” by the Rev. James L. Evans. There are some misleading statements in that article. For example, Mr. Evans said, “for more than 500 years, people of faith have been at war with people of science.” There has never been any disagreement between the Bible and legitimate science.

He further states, “in nearly every one of these contests... the faith position has proven to be incorrect.” That is not faith; that is opinion. Faith comes by hearing... the word of God. The word of God has never been wrong. It never will.

Don Gregg

Backs legislation to ease rules on private care

To The Daily: One of my sisters and I and are primarily responsible for the care of our cherished 82-year-old mother. We both work full time. My mother experienced a stroke and subsequent dementia more than 10 years ago. When my father died in 2002, we realized 24/7 care was necessary for her. We took care of mother at her home
with the help of private duty sitters for more than four years until we realized the time had come to make other arrangements.

She had fallen twice, incurring two fractures. The cost of maintaining her home and sitters was draining her savings fast. We searched for a place with a home-like atmosphere with good care. We found a reputable small, private home. It was private pay and not licensed, but seemed to be the best fit for our mother. Three months later, the Alabama Public Health Department rigorously inspected the home and threatened to close it because it was unlicensed, illegal and not in compliance with fire codes. The fire codes were immediately satisfied. No abuse or neglect was found.

We are pleased with the wonderful care Mother receives. Yet we find ourselves in a political/legal battle because Alabama has set corporate rules and regulations, which are essentially unattainable, for these small homes in order to be licensed. Therefore, most of these homes are unlicensed and labeled illegal, even though they provide a great service to our elderly.

We strongly feel this small home is the right place for our mother. AARP has joined with us in the fight for new appropriate legislation and a strong battle is brewing due to the resistance of the nursing home political action groups.

Please contact our legislators and tell them to support legislation to enable licensing of small private homes for the elderly and disabled.

Pamela Wade

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