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Decatur has many unique features, including litter

To The Daily: Kudos to The Decatur Daily for its all-encompassing sections recently on all that is “good” in bringing new people to the Decatur area. They have been most informative, especially to us newcomers.

However, there is a “but” coming. Decatur is all that, and more, but this town and its inhabitants must do much better in its litter problem. The roads, streets and highways are littered with so much refuse it is an eyesore of great proportions. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people think they can just throw out their refuse wherever, when there are so many garbage cans and Dumpsters provided around town.

Come on, Decatur residents, start taking better care of your town and pick up your litter.

Sharon Beach

Officials win battle, but will lose war with voters

To The Daily: The county computer e-mail saga needs to be laid to rest. The hidden truth is not ever going to be known. John Glasscock, David Hannah, Greg Bartlett and all the others, including attorney Bill Shinn, are going to just keep on making excuses because, in their minds, they think they can somehow change the way taxpayers think and feel about how they have misused taxpayer money and deprived taxpayers of their rights.

Regarding all the above, since they have misused and deprived taxpayers of their money and of the right to know the truth, the taxpayers will have their say on Election Day. They will not be deprived of these voting rights. All the people involved and responsible for all this will learn, when they are running for re-election, that nothing they say or do before Election Day will get them re-elected.

Thanks to Stacy George and The Decatur Daily for opening our eyes and seeing who really does not care about the taxpayers who help put these elected officials in office. We look forward to seeing new faces after the next Election Day.

Alisa Pike

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