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BRAC sections positive, factual, well-presented

To The Daily: I have read and saved all four special BRAC to the Future sections. I am so pleased to see this outstanding coverage and positive presentation of our region. The articles are factual and well-presented. The Decatur Daily staff is to be commended.

Hugh Ball, president
Greater Limestone County Chamber of Commerce

True patriotism requires education on the issues

To The Daily: Legislation is currently being circulated which has been labeled as “anti-troops.” This legislation requires that our troops be properly equipped and physically ready to deploy. It is labeled “anti-troop” because that is the only chip left to pressure people to support the continuation of the current approach to fighting the war in Iraq.

Let us set aside all the previous arguments about the war, pro or con, and focus on the act of labeling things that seems so common in politics nowadays. If political support for a policy is sought today, it is common for politicians, and their media allies, to apply labels they hope will have a desired effect on us, the people. The main effect they seek is that we will accept the label and move on to the next topic of the day, which might be the fight over how a dead playmate will be buried, face up or down, or the “activity” in the stock market — one subject we care too much about, and one subject we can’t understand.

It is time to stop accepting what we are fed as insight into the nature of political policies and begin asking and educating ourselves about the issues. It does not speak well of our patriotism if we do not participate in the policies of our country. Flying a flag is fine, but it is extremely easy to do if done in the U.S. It is hard to pay attention to the lies of some politicians and media, but it is the more necessary of the two.

James Tardy

Spend money on students who struggle with grades

To The Daily: I am writing about our current school system programs, like how International Baccalaureate money is being spent on the students with the highest possible grades, way above average.

These students’ grades can’t get any better than they are now. Nothing is being done for the students who are slower at learning than others.

The students today have it a lot harder than I did when I went to school. When I went to school, a “D” was a passing grade. Now a “D” is a failing grade like an “F” was when I was in school.

If you want to improve grades, then work with the students who really need it.

I can understand now why so many kids today are quitting school and getting a GED.

I can only hope that our politicians will wake up and see the problem before it gets worse.

David W. Kelley

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