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Left wing, media unhappy unless world is crumbling

To The Daily: As the new year rolled in, right off the bat, via the news media, the doom-and-gloomers and death merchants came out in their predictable fashion. The front-page news, left wing and Al Gore are predicting a global catastrophe. These penchant-for-doom people call it global warming.

Was it any surprise when Mr. Gore won an Academy Award for his movie, ďAn Inconvenient TruthĒ? Donít forget this is the same man who invented the Internet.

Global warming says all these people will burn up the planet. The creeks are rising and the glaciers are melting, the environment is turning against us. Fifteen years ago, some of the same people laid claim to an approaching ice age. Shiver me timbers.

Since the planet didnít have to be defrosted way back then, now they have it burning to a crisp. If thatís not enough, the left-wing bunch predicts we will also be wiped out by terrorists.

Originally, they pooh-poohed the idea of being attacked by terrorists at all. I guess they changed their minds.

So whatís it going to be, folks: wiped out by the elements or by free-flying suicidal bombers? They are never satisfied unless something is crumbling. If we believe Mr. Gore and co., it looks like we have a lot to look forward to: the end.

Jimmy Robinson

Coil solution would be costly to implement

To The Daily: It is axiomatic that, for every problem solved there is a new problem that needs solving. So is the case of steel coils on flatbed trailers. In addition to the possible solutions mentioned in your March 4 editorial, there is another obvious answer: Require that coils be turned on their side for over-the-road transporting.

The reason the solution seems obvious is because of the added surface area in contact with the bed of the trailer. This also would apply to large wooden or plastic spools of wire.

The obvious problem this method would cause is changing the axis of the rolls or spools from the horizontal to the vertical. Mounting, shipping and receiving systems would have to be modified to accommodate this change. And thatís the rub — added shipping expense. But the cargo of coils would be transported with a far lower risk of accidents.

As a frequent highway traveler, I try to keep more than the usual distance from flatbed trailers with coils of steel or large spools of wire.

Ernest Norsworthy
Visalia, Calif.

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