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County e-mail scandal worse than soap opera

To The Daily: It’s worse than a bad soap opera.

I’m referring to the Morgan County e-mail scandal. The lead players are Sheriff Greg Bartlett and Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott. Commission Chairman John Glasscock and data processing manager David Hannah are in the supporting roles. Of course, county attorney Bill Shinn must be the director. Commissioner Stacey George is cast to be the villain. The rest of the Morgan County commissioners are “extras.” Sadly, it’s a true story!

Mr. Shinn needs to get out of this picture completely. Many know that he can be an adversary better than an ally. His stalling tactics and rule-changing only support my opinion. Clay Marlow and the “wannabe” Morgan County Republican Party need to “shut up and stay away” and let the process move forward.

The late Ronald Reagan once said. “Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” Clearly, what is taking place within the walls of the courthouse, comes close to what Mr. Reagan spoke of.

The Morgan County GOP should revisit many things that President Reagan spoke of. They have moved so far away from the base of the conservative party that no one knows how to return to those values and principles. Instead, they assemble and blindly follow people of authority who have no vision, no purpose other than power, and clearly no direction other than obstruction.

Unfortunately, elections are our only recourse. We need to send a clear message and remove insubordinate people from office. We need honest, hard-working people in our governmental offices, and in our political parties. Web surfing, chat rooms, blogs, message boards, and sending non-government-related e-mails during work hours, while wasting our tax dollars, is unprofessional, unwarranted and unacceptable. Let’s investigate thoroughly and see who’s in the wrong.

Mike Dowdy

Computer probe is just a tempest in a teapot

To The Daily: Enough already with your reporting on county employees’ e-mails. This “tempest in a teapot” masquerading as a “scandal involving massive corruption among our County Commissioners” needs to be put to bed.

Other than wasting a lot of your readers’ time, as well as space in your newspaper, these “investigations” and “reports” have done no more than expose two individuals who had forwarded pornographic e-mails. One employee was fired for this and the other, an elected official, has apologized. No other findings of misuse of county-owned computers have appeared, nor have signs of massive corruption among our elected officials been shown.

Commissioner Stacy George, however, has received a lot of free publicity in, it seems to me, anticipation of his next election run. Does this mean The Decatur Daily is actively sponsoring Mr. George in his next campaign? I, for one, know for whom I will not vote. Let’s stop beating this dead horse and allow out commissioners to attend to those things they were elected to do: taking care of the people’s needs and concerns.

Harry D. Clarke

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