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SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2007


E-mails belong to county taxpayers, who also vote

To The Daily: I want to applaud The Decatur Daily for printing on the front page of the March 4 edition the article “Who owns government office e-mails?”

I would suggest any Morgan County taxpayer who doesn’t receive The Daily to get a copy of this Sunday edition. The first four paragraphs of the article are a prime example of how tax-paid equipment is used in county offices, and why the elected officials refuse to turn over their hard drives. Oh — and don’t forget to read in the second paragraph of this article where “a judge agreed” with a manager who said his personal e-mails — on his office computer on public time — were private.

Sheriff Greg Bartlett, Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott and the four commissioners who upheld him through all of this, one commissioner who was publicly guilty, or caught, we the taxpayers may not see what he has hidden, or had hidden, on our tax-paid equipment. The fact still remains he did have something or all this mess would have been resolved from the very beginning.

We truly hope he has enjoyed deceiving the people who voted for him, because they will not make the same mistake next election day.

Linda Grant

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