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MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2007


Media favor terrorists; wanting peace is treason

To The Daily: Insurgents, Taliban, terrorists (all are the same thing) dress like the civilians, some with explosives under their robes. How are our troops supposed to tell which is which?

They (terrorists) are suicide bombers, and car or truck bombs kill more Iraqis than soldiers. Does the Taliban complain when they kill civilians? Does the Associated Press complain when insurgents kill civilians? No.

The Japanese killed civilians at Pearl Harbor. We killed civilians bombing Japan and Germany. Germany killed civilians bombing London. Bin Laden killed civilians on 9/11 in New York City. The liberal media tries to overlook Sept. 11 by not showing it on television. You news media show favor to terrorists by bashing Republicans. True Americans support the president in war: Democrats or Republicans.

Not supporting the president and military in war is akin to treason. It appears you want to lose the war on terrorism because your party is not in the White House. All humans were born to love, honor and serve God, not necessarily to be president of the United States.

People keep arguing about creation and evolution. They canít change anything, so why not accept that God created everything? He could create something new, or he could have things evolve. Whatever it is, he created it.

So talk about something you can do something about.

Carver Gordon

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