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Editorial confused facts, damaged paper’s credibility

To The Daily: So President Bush loses credibility because of the Scooter Libby case? Your editorial (March 8) causes you to lose credibility because you make it seem as though George W. himself was the “leaker” of Valerie Plame’s status. You end a sentence with “ ... the president building a case for going to war,” then follow that in a new paragraph with, “He didn’t like the information... attempted to discredit the bearer of bad news,” without identifying “he.”

What a colossal misrepresentation of the facts. Joe Wilson himself was established as the original “leaker” of Ms. Plame’s identity. Richard Armitage, no associate of Libby, was the first member of the administration to reveal her name. Further, Mr. Wilson was found by the investigation to have lied repeatedly on his findings in Niger, telling the CIA one thing and the New York Times another story. Mr. Wilson reported to the CIA that Niger was convinced that Iraq was trying to obtain a source for yellowcake. The director of the CIA testified that it was indeed Valerie Plame who got Mr. Wilson sent to Niger. There was no crime committed in discussing Ms. Plame because she was no longer any more of a covert agent than you are.

You have completely ignored the established facts of the matter to make a snide attack on my president. Then, you seem positively gleeful that a very decent man got his life ruined by an over-ambitious special counsel. One who ignored all testimony and evidence that no crime was committed to come up with something to justify his expensive investigation.

Why should anyone believe you now?

Franklin Johnson

Global warming, evolution theories are incompatible

To The Daily: The question is: Can we accept global warming and still believe in evolution? To accept Darwin’s theory, we must acknowledge where we evolved from and through what environments.

According to Darwin’s theory, humans were single-cell organisms just like bacteria. Then we moved to another neighborhood and started breathing gases through our gills. We evolved because our uncontrollable environment changed into one filled with carbon dioxide and other gases. When the plants evolved to absorb this abundance of CO2, we moved onto land as amphibians, evolving our breathing habits to oxygen. As more time elapsed we moved to the trees as monkeys. Although the environment was pretty swinging in the trees, we then decided to come back down to Earth because someone had to evolve into an environmental scientist.

Today we are confronted with man’s destruction of the Earth through the emission of CO2. We are raising the Earth’s temperature and thereby melting the polar icecaps. The idea is that man has built devices through industrialization that are causing our destruction. Therefore the only way to control this process is through creating other man-made devices called bureaucracies to save humanity.

The evidence is simple: If you accept this policy that man has created global warming, then you must disavow Darwin’s theory. If we came from organisms that had gills, it stands to reason we would grow gills again if needed. If CO2 were to flood the atmosphere, could our lungs not adjust? If the temperature increased with more UV rays then would we not all become darker skinned? Does it not also stand to reason that if we have evolved through billions of years, we are still evolving? Therefore if you accept these men and their theory of global warming, then you cannot believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Phillip M. Chenault

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