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MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007


Legislative pay hike will cost on Election Day

To The Daily: A 50 percent pay raise for the Legislature. If anyone in the real world asked for a 50 percent pay hike, the supervisor would laugh them out of his office. The legislators didnít have enough male testosterone to even make the vote public before it was voted on and to make matters worse, they did a voice vote so everyone can deny they voted for it. What a bunch of losers.

These are the kinds of cowards who are running the state of Alabama. If you vote for something, be man enough to stand up and let the people know how you voted.

Either way, you will get credit for it, whether you voted for it or not. So when election time comes again, donít come telling us you didnít vote for it. The fact remains that you accepted it and that is as bad as voting for it.

So get it while you can, because this old boy will remind you of it when it comes time to vote again — just like the mayor and City Council of Decatur. They will hear about their follies as well!

Aaron Potts

Lawmakersí salary increase appropriate

To The Daily: The only thing high about the legislatorsí pay is the percentage increase.

I could not imagine sending them, as our official reps, at the stated current salary of $30,710. That is significantly less than the recently proposed salary by Decatur for a dogcatcher.

These men should be compensated relative to the importance of the job they are called on to do.

Seems like the naysayers have forgotten that they are directing spending and operational details for a multimillion-dollar business.

We should all get down and graciously thank them for their previous years at such miserly pay.

Gary Hughes

Somerville officials resort to bribery, harassment

To The Daily: Somerville has adopted a new policy of harassment designed to force people to annex into the city limits. The mayor and certain City Council members continually knock on my door, even though I asked them not to, trying to force me to sign a petition to annex into the Somerville city limits. Bribery is a tactic being used to obtain my signature, by spending city funds to install street lights and fire hydrants on property that is not in the city limits.

I have no desire now, or ever, to annex into the city limits of Somerville. I have spoken to many of my neighbors and they feel the same way as I do. Some have stated that they annex only to stop the harassment.

David H. Taylor

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