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Supports illegal immigration bills

To The Daily: I am writing concerning your March 14 article “Alien-free Alabama.” I agree with the illegal immigration bills currently before the Alabama Legislature. Rep. Micky Hammon and many other state legislators, both Democrat and Republican, are looking out for the best interests of the citizens of Alabama.

I applaud the efforts of our representatives and think we must have bipartisan support so these bills can be passed. The draw of jobs and benefits are what keep illegal immigrants in our state. If they are removed, illegals will self deport. While other states in the news turn a blind eye to the problem of illegal immigration and use the media to coddle those who break the law, Alabama is working toward a solution to the problem.

Gail Baker

GOP not to blame for Worley’s troubles

To The Daily: Blame the Republicans! Duh! It was Nancy Worley’s Democrat opponent in the Democratic primary who was employed in her office who blew the whistle on the lady.

Besides that, you should know that somebody who was president of the AEA for two years just won’t get things right.

Bobbie Johnson

Your partiality towards Worley obvious

To The Daily: Your March 16 editorial is conflicting. At first, you say Mrs. Worley is her own worst enemy, then you go on to blame the Republicans for it, while ignoring the plain and simple truth it was a Democrat who initiated the action against Mrs. Worley and an independent grand jury who indicted her.

Your partiality towards Mrs. Worley is obvious, as is your disregard for justice. You suggest would it have been better if the attorney general had ignored his duty and Mr. Packard’s complaint against Mrs. Worley. Then you go on to threaten Republicans if Siegelman’s conviction stands.

With your help, Nancy Worley is her own worst enemy. Period.

Bud Masterson
Mount Hope

Solar radiation great factor in global weather

To The Daily: Global warming? Yes! It’s the nature of things (per Jiminy Cricket).

Some 35-40 million years ago, the ocean covered this area.

From current estimates of today’s polar ice levels, there was little polar ice at that time. This suggests a warmer atmosphere at the time.

About 17,000 years ago, there was a period of thousands of years when the global weather conditions were, seemingly, similar to those of today.

The ocean level rose 20 feet and then receded to its present level.

In recent times, the Vikings established a colony on the southern coast of Greenland. After a period of success, the atmosphere temperatures cooled to the point where the colony closed down.

To this day, the temperature there is too harsh for permanent survival.

Myth: Carbon dioxide is a pollutant and one of the greenhouse gases. CO2 is a major nutrient for plant photosynthesis. Some of the most noted climatologists say the greatest greenhouse gas is water vapor — 95 percent. Methane: the great quantity of methane in the ocean suggests a relative quantity from land sources would shut down the atmosphere. So there seems to be a mechanism in place that keeps the level of methane in the atmosphere in check.

A noted climatologist also said, at this point in time, that conservation is the only thing we can do, individually, to help control pollution. Solar radiation seems to be the great factor in long-term global weather

Morris J. Whittington

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