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ALDOT needs to remedy dangerous intersection

To The Daily: I have been trying for 21/2 years to get a street light installed at the intersection of Gordon Terry Parkway and McEntire Lane. I turned over a 1,995-signature petition to the state Department of Transportation for review of this request. I, along with many others, believe that this intersection is too dangerous not to have a light. I have been in contact with our Morgan County commissioner for this district in reference to this matter. He believes, as we all do, that this is a serious issue and needs to be addressed. The county has done the research, and supposedly so has the state. However, the state DOT says “there’s not enough distance from the top of the overpass of Hwy 67 for people to be able to slow down and stop for a light.” I say that’s a load of crap. If the speed limit is only 40 mph approaching the overpass, then there should be no problem with people stopping. A simple sign before the overpass warning of a “dangerous intersection” with a bright flashing light would give anyone time to prepare to stop.

I’ve also spoken with Channel 48 news about this after the last wreck on March 23. I’ve just about come to my wits’ end and am about ready to post the name and phone number of the state DOT representative for our area, so others can call him and complain as well. My thinking on the matter is that if enough people call, maybe something will get done.

Ann D’Olive

War protesters have no excuse for their treason

To The Daily: America has achieved a greatness never attained by any other nation in the history of the world. She has also attained a distinction no other nation has held or will ever hold.

That distinction is that more of her citizens are actively participating in treason than has ever happened in any other nation.

I would like to believe that the participants are ignorant of the fact that they are traitors, but even if they are, there is no excuse for their treason.

Every person who writes, talks on television or radio, or participates in anti-war protests is filling the terrorists with exceeding joy and, in effect, saying to them, “Keep killing our troops.”

If Congress is successful in pulling our troops out of Iraq, within six months or less, the terrorists will hit America with such a destructive blow it will make Sept. 11 look like a July 4 celebration.

Anyone who says there were no WMDs in Iraq is a bald-faced liar. I have talked to many of our wonderful military who have been in Iraq one or more times. One of them told me that he personally saw 17 bunkers filled with WMDs. Another soldier told me that when he was in basic training, his drill instructor said he helped empty WMDs from some bunkers.

Edwin J. Slaten

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