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Politics, religion should unite, not divide us

To The Daily: Isnít it time we see ourselves as we are — as people from other countries see us? As Americans, not Republicans, Democrats or Independents — not as white, African-American, Mexican-American or ďother,Ē not as Baptist, Catholic, Buddhist or Mormon. We are Americans.

Our elected officials and some religious leaders have managed to manipulate our minds into segregating ourselves from within. It is time to change our mindset to the 21st century. No American is immune to the self-destruction that is imminent on our current path. If your home was being invaded by a swarm of killer bees, youíd certainly better be concerned about more than just the front and back doors.

Itís not just Democratic seniors who need help with health care, not just Independents who are losing their homes to foreclosure and not just Republican taxes that are being used to possibly initiate World War III. Those dying and being injured in the wars America is involved in cross all color, sex, religious and political lines.

I am a God-loving person, as millions of other folks in our world are, but can any one person tell us Godís color, sex or political affiliation? Iíve often heard the phrase ďGod-fearing.Ē Jesus came into the world to convert — not convict. One never need fear God — one needs to fear his own choices. I doubt there is one person who hasnít made a wrong choice for the right reason, and on reflection, regretted it.

So when Americans choose their political and religious leaders, please use the minds and hearts that have been given to us. Never follow blindly like the members of a flock. Follow cautions, like a member of a herd.

Dianna Burns

Storm devastation brought out good in many people

To The Daily: I was born and raised in Enterprise. My parentsí home, brotherís home and brother-in-lawís home took a direct hit from the tornado, as did my fatherís business. I went down to Enterprise the day after the storm and have been down every weekend since to help clean and do anything I can to help.

You read so much in papers and watch the media talk about so many bad things. If anyone is interested in hearing about or writing a story about the good things from the tornado, then I would like to share some of the good things that happened with community support and how the people of Alabama and all over the country have helped people in Enterprise.

I witnessed the devastation first-hand, toured the school the day after the tornado, had family who walked with President Bush as he toured the city and they told me of the wonderful things he did and said to the families of lost love ones. Students from St. Bonaventure in New York helped, as well as people from Orlando and from Little Rock. All were there helping the community.

It was just a blessing to see so many people come together to help my hometown of Enterprise.

If you think a story or an article might be of interest, I would love to tell what is going on down there and how Americans have responded.

Russ Harrelson

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