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Hartselle elected leaders full of pork schemes

To The Daily: I would call it a new issue in Hartselle, but unfortunately, it’s already been settled. Concerning the upcoming pay increase for the future mayor and City Council, may we hope this bunch we have in office are not re-elected.

The present-day elected officials are not worth what they’re being paid. There have been more pork schemes to come from these finite minds than from any other elected officials in recent memory.

Pork schemes: expanding Hartselle city limits, without any forethought concerning how it would thin the services of policemen and firefighters.

The next scheme was the same as the first: to raise sales taxes. It’s not about safety — it’s all about money. Our money. At one time, this bunch even had the idea to charge people if they had to enlist the services of the fire department. In other words, if you had to have a fire extinguished, you would be charged for it. That’s a “believe it or not” if I ever heard one.

Last, but not least, there was a scheme that would absolve the mayor and City Council of all responsibilities. They were going to hire outside firms to tell the folks of Hartselle what we need (plus, they spend thousands of our dollars doing so). Here’s the scheme: If something goes awry, then the elected officials can point a finger at those outside firms and declare, “It’s not our fault.”

With pork schemes like this, no wonder we feel up to our (fill in a suitable word) in alligators in Hartselle.

Jimmy Robinson

Tree trimming tacky, makes bad impression

To The Daily: I would like to know who is behind the “lovely” tree trimming along Point Mallard Parkway and other areas in town. Are they planning to leave it that way? In my opinion it is tacky and does not make for an attractive entrance into our town.

April Thompson

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