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Mayor, other officials won’t listen, let alone act
To The Daily: On March 27, I attended a District 4 meeting at Austinville First Baptist Church. I thought we had a good turnout, but I was very disappointed in Mayor Don Kyle and police Chief Ken Collier, especially when mayor Kyle told a resident he had spoken long enough.

I thought this was what residents were supposed to do in a meeting, but Mayor Kyle thinks differently. Also, I asked Mayor Kyle about a Serpico police review board for police officers who had complaints against them. This board would consist of local citizens and wouldn’t have cost Decatur anything. We really need this review board, but again, Mayor Kyle thinks differently.

Why is Mayor Kyle so much against this review board? If you’re running an honest city government and police department, then you should be welcoming it. Also, when local resident Aaron Potts spoke up to Chief Collier about a certain police officer, the new police chief basically said police officers didn’t have to obey traffic laws here in Decatur. I thought police officers were to set an example for people. I can just hope that someday, Decatur will get a mayor and City Council that will not only listen, but act on a resident request.

I can’t wait until our next city election to vote these uncaring people out of office.

David W. Kelley

Lucky’s abuser deserves harshest penalty law allows

To The Daily: The recent verdict in the Lucky abuse trial left me seething and baffled. How any jury could convict Samuel Sanders of anything less than felony animal abuse is incomprehensible. This 27-year-old said the dog was almost dead, but admits to “taping Lucky’s mouth, sealing him in a garbage bag and placing him in a garbage bin to die after being mauled” by his other dog. He did nothing to try to save him. “Lucky” lost a leg due to infection.

Alabama law says that it is cruelty in the first degree to deliberately torture a dog or cat and further defines “torture” as “doing physical injury by the infliction of inhumane or gross physical abuse meant to cause intense or prolonged pain or thereby causing death due to said act.” So how can this be anything else?

If someone did this to a human, no one would doubt what the intent was.

I am not writing this just to let off steam. Sanders will be sentenced May 17. I hope every animal protection advocate will urge Judge Sherrie Paler to impose the harshest sentence allowed under Alabama’s Pet Protection Act, and will become involved in the Alabama Humane Federation that never stops working to strengthen animal welfare laws.

Then look at the photo of Lucky and look into his eyes. Lucky lost more than a leg.

Sandra Tindoll
Union Spring

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