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Lawmakers should share perks with us

To The Daily: I read with interest about dropping the food tax. That seems to me to be a good idea. I’d vote for it. Also, raise taxes on all alcoholic drinks, bottled or otherwise. This would more than make up the difference and while the Legislature is at it, it can drop taxes on medications.

There are a lot of people who weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths or are fortunate enough to retire with great benefits, which include insurance costing anywhere from $1.50 to $4 a month, not per prescription.

I know of these people and there are more. So, why doesn’t the Legislature share the gravy train? Help those of us who work as hard as anyone, but didn’t reap the same rewards.

I retired from a nursing home a year ago. We weren’t offered much of anything then.

Loretta Rutherford

Refreshing to read about teen artist

To The Daily: Thank you so much for the article in the March 27 paper about Anna Yeager. It is wonderful to see some really good news on the front page for a change, and especially about a teenager.

The public is so used to seeing teens in the news negatively that we sometimes are amazed when we read an article such as the one about Ms. Yeager. It is also great to know there are more talents in this world besides singing.

Since the show “American Idol” has been such a big hit, it helps to be reminded that art such as Yeager’s is not a “lost art” after all. Thanks again for such a refreshing article.

Becky Terry
Town Creek

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