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BRAC will not be the bonanza advertised

To The Daily: We can all cash in on this BRAC deal. Of course the developers and real estate folks will get the big bucks, but we can all get a piece of the action.

Let’s look at the benefits. Our property values will skyrocket and, of course, our property tax and insurance will go up. We will, however, need the extra tax in order to upgrade schools, hospitals, police and fire protection, water and sewer services and to widen and improve our streets.

We will have more fast food restaurants and shopping centers. Of course there will be longer lines and more traffic on the streets, but that is a small price to pay when you consider all the benefits. We will have a beautiful and neat city to live in, but first we will have to do something about those people who don’t define “beautiful” the way we do. This will require us to give up the few property rights we still have in order to enforce litter laws.

Dang, we can be just like California. In California, where l lived for 15 years, the city controls every aspect of your property. Nothing is left to the whims of the owner. Everyone must conform. Individuality is not tolerated.

You know, on second thought, maybe this bonanza we will reap from BRAC will not be worth the cost.

Jim Shook

Abortion damages more women than pregnancy does

To The Daily: Babies have rights, too. If Olivia C. Carter doesn’t want to be an “incubator,” then she shouldn’t have sex. Or she could use one or more of the multitudes of items that prohibit “incubation.”

More women are damaged from abortion than from pregnancy. I could give specific cases that I know about.

Bobbie Faye Johnson

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