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Juror says Lucky verdict was tough, but also fair

To The Daily: In response to Sandra Tindoll’s letter to the editor regarding the verdict in the Lucky trial, I, as one of the jurors, strongly reject her implication that the jury acted callously in finding the defendant guilty of a lesser degree.

The jury, many of its members pet owners themselves, struggled with the decision for a length of time, due to the emotions involved in this case and a somewhat vague wording of the law.

There simply was no evidence presented to the jury that the defendant himself had “done physical injury by the infliction of inhumane or gross physical abuse meant to cause intense or prolonged pain or thereby causing death due to said act.” Failure to save a dog is not against the law.

The jury was also not presented with evidence that the defendant “sealed” the dog in the bag, as stated by Ms. Tindoll.

Perhaps, the emotional energy this case has created could be used to push for a revision of the law. I am certainly willing to participate in such an endeavor.

I would like to thank Dr. Steve Osborne for everything he has done for Lucky.

Pete Asmann

Control trash before it grows like a cancer

To The Daily: Please keep up the pictures and stories about trash in Decatur.

I “ran away” from Riverside County, Calif., for the same reason. Trashed yards were everywhere. I had hoped if I planted flowers and grass and kept my place nice it would catch on, but how wrong I was. I put about $20,000 into my home (lost it all, could not get it back) to make it look nice, all to no avail.

You cannot make people have personal and/or community pride. They either want to, or they don’t. I threw up my hands and left. The town I lived in was a “Mecca” for people from south of the border. The schools were overburdened, health centers were closing and we lost most of our trauma centers. And something no one ever thinks about: They did not spay or neuter pets and the county/city animal control was overburdened and euthanizing pets at an astounding rate. I was sickened.

It has to stop, and the city has to get tough on these people. If you leave it alone it is like cancer. It just spreads, their friends come, other “low-lifes” come, and so on and so forth. I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Barbara Jenkins

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