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Fourth Amendment right trumps pride in property

To The Daily: I’ve had just about as much of this hard-hitting journalism as one person can stomach. Would these articles on neighborhood eyesores fall under the banner of Homeland Security? I remember several pieces about “Big Brother” in The Daily not too long ago. I guess you guys don’t have anything better for your reporters to do. You are certainly not practicing what has been preached.

It is the quote from Katherine Powell on the April 6 front page that prompted me to write. What part of “private property” do you people not understand? It’s one thing to be a nosy neighbor. There is a Gladys Kravitz (from the television show “Bewitched”) on every block. All of us have had to endure these people from time to time. Intrusion and trespassing are something else entirely. Please read the Fourth Amendment. Maybe local ordinances have repealed it and we haven’t been informed.

President Bush is monitoring our phone calls, mail and computer usage. Mrs. Kravitz is making sure all our homes look like she thinks they should.

This looks to me like a “national” (and local) effort to enforce “socialism.” Hmmm, National Socialism. Seems like I’ve read something about that somewhere.

Jeff Marchman

DU must act now to eliminate odor

To The Daily: I hope readers of The Decatur Daily will join me in voicing their disappointment in the lack of a long-term solution to the wastewater treatment plant odor. I have detected the odor as far away as the intersection of Finley Drive and Railroad Avenue.

Six months ago, I wrote a letter to your newspaper concerning the stench from this wastewater treatment plant located near an elementary school. At the same time, I sent letters expressing my concerns to the Region 4 EPA, Alabama Department of Environmental Management, Decatur Environmental Health Services, and our local, state and federal political representatives.

I received two responses. The congressman encouraged me to sign up for his monthly e-newsletter. According to an ADEM administrator, it was his understanding equipment had recently been installed to minimize or prevent odorous emissions resulting from plant operations. Six months later, the problem still exists.

Those who reside in the northwest section of Decatur should send their comments to the aforementioned governmental agencies, political representatives and churches.

Henry Brown

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