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Animal abuse requires stiff penalties

To The Daily: The jury in Lucky’s case surely did not have the information submitted to The Daily by Mindy Gilbert. I think the conviction should/would have been for the strongest charges. Why did the prosecutor not call on someone like Ms. Gilbert to speak on Lucky’s behalf?

I hope the sentencing judge is paying attention, as well as all of our elected officials, because I know many voters who are watching. Thanks again to Dr Steve Osborne.

Let’s not forget to get behind the bill cosponsored by Rep. Bud Cramer to increase the penalties for mistreating animals.

Donna C. Ramsey

Evans guilty of behavior he criticizes

To The Daily: It would seem in order to point out that the Rev James Evans has called the kettle black. In his “Let the people decide about Constitution,” the Rev. Evans makes no reference to the Bible, Jesus, the blood atonement, or even love thy neighbor. This article is purely secular.

He often accuses Dr. James Dobson and others of prying into matters outside their calling. Now the truth comes out. He is opposed to preachers who argue a political point, unless he agrees with that point.

Here we have a preacher trying to change the world, one legislative victory at a time. I am not saying that I disagree with his central focus. I don’t. I merely wish to point out the hypocrisy of accusing conservative Christian ministers of being overly involved in the political process and then engaging in the same behavior.

The gospel according to the Rev. Evans seems to be, “Be good to the poor and vote Democrat.”

Eric Drexil Holland

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