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MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2007


Parents responsible for child’s upbringing

To The Daily: Have we not learned from past mistakes? They somehow get repeated over and over and over again. Society does play a big part as to why our children get screwed up. We confuse them when we tell them to do the right thing and they try to and then someone else says the right thing is not always the right way. And the child still gets punished, no matter what.

That pattern follows him for the rest of his life. It will forever haunt him. It could have been a teacher who just decided to single out that child just because he or she was the class clown or the little wannabe-rich girl who thinks just because her clothes look better than the girl sitting next to her it’s all right to turn up her nose. The mentality builds up that way of thinking and therefore that part of that society is created.

You’re rich and you’re labeled that you can get away with whatever, so the child who comes out of a broken home, or the good child living in the poor neighborhood, trying to stay clean is considered a problem. Where does it all end?

Let’s get with the program, people, and realize the way we raise our children has a lot to do with the decisions they make, the road that they take. Not everyone is bad or born bad. Take a look back at history. It doesn’t matter what race, culture, blah, blah, blah.

Parents, talk to your children. My heart goes out to the families who lost their children, husbands and wives to this tragedy. May they rest in peace.

Paulina Castaneda

Need not be liberal to care about environment

To The Daily: Do the terms “environmentalist” and “tree-hugger” mean the same thing? The truth is there is nothing inherently liberal about caring for the environment. In fact, most Americans are “mainstream environmentalists.” In other words, we care about the environment.

One of the hurdles about having a calm, rational conversation about the environment is that there is so much conflicting and manipulated information. We need to rely on verifiable science instead of spin for information about the environment

We believe that incentives and innovation are better ways to protect the environment than big government solutions, litigation and taxation proposed by liberal environmental groups.

A mainstream environmentalist believes:

n A healthy environment should be able to co-exist with a healthy economy.

n Investments in science and technology will generate solutions to most of our environmental problems.

n Incentives should be offered to corporations to clean up the environment.

n Governments can play an important role but lose support if they are too heavy-handed and too controlling.

n It is important for America to be a global leader in finding solutions.

It’s time to take back the environmental movement from the extreme liberals. Mainstream environmentalists care about our communities and our planet. We have the solutions that Americans can support.

Michael Ciamarra
The Alabama Policy Institute

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