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Several heroes among college shooting victims

To The Daily: Iím sure there is plenty we donít know about the Virginia Tech shootings, but Iím thinking of a particular person who gave his life so his students could live.

Iím sure everyone knows Iím thinking about the professor at Virginia Tech who was a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. He kept the classroom door closed, giving his students time to jump out the windows. He was shot through the door.

What comes to my mind is the Scripture, ďGreater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.Ē So to me, he was a great man and showed the greatest love for his students.

Also, I thought about the young man who, although scared senseless, thought to push a desk against the classroom door and, with another student, held the door so the shooter could not get in. He, too, is a hero.

The young man who was the first to fall when he ran into the killer worked with people in need. He had a very bright future. People came to him with their problems. Heís another hero.

Iím sure others were heroes, too. Maybe their lives werenít lost in vain. We need to always remember to pray for our students in all the schools, because who knows what could happen next?

E.L. Carter

Nation has forgotten truth of Godís word

To The Daily: The putrid smell of five bodies is all over America. They are: common sense, honesty, integrity, biblical morality and statesmanship.

Our nation is swiftly moving into the cesspool of selfishness: the very thing which caused the demise of every nation that has ceased to exist.

It is sad and it is alarming, but it is the truth. From every direction we are bombarded with words of people claiming to care, but their actions prove them to be liars.

How could this have happened to a nation that was founded upon the moral principles of Godís word? The leaders of Christianity left their responsibility of teaching the truth of Godís word and began to emulate the power brokers of the world.

Hosea 4:6 says, ďMy people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Ē He wasnít talking about lack of knowledge of the physical but a lack of knowledge of the spiritual world, inhabited by the creator God. People have been taught to blame God for every bad thing that happens. People have reached the point where they are no longer willing to accept any responsibility for themselves and their actions. They always put the blame on God.

May God have mercy and open the blind eyes of his children.

Edwin J. Slaten

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