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City officials wonít listen to residentsí concerns

To The Daily: For Tomas Barryís information (Letters, April 18), there are people who attend City Council work sessions and community meetings only to be criticized. There is an attempt to humiliate anyone who questions the cityís authority concerning wasteful spending and incompetent police officers.

I asked Chief Ken Collier a question about the noise at the fairgrounds and not only did he do a tap dance around the question, he showed his total ignorance about the problem that has been addressed by me for the past five years.

The reason I bring this up is because Mr. Barry neglected to point out the number of police officers who could not care less about the noise from illegal mufflers and the alleged noise from the fairgrounds. For five years, nothing has been done. Because this city government cares very little about the citizensí wishes, why should those citizens waste their time for a song and dance from incompetent officials who run this city? They certainly donít listen. They donít enforce the state law concerning illegal mufflers.

I think the talking will be done the next election. Then they will have to listen to the votes that throw them out. Then we will see what the attendance at community meetings will be.

The past administration didnít listen and where are they?

Aaron Potts

Winkler verdict typical of societyís double standard

To The Daily: Regarding the Mary Winkler verdict: This is a typical double standard. I donít know how many times Iíve heard that, no matter what a woman does to a man, there is never any reason for the man to harm her. However, itís OK for a woman to shoot her husband in the back, accidentally, and merely get a slap on the wrist.

The gun wouldnít have gone off ďaccidentallyĒ unless it was loaded and cocked and the trigger pulled.

As far as the platform shoes and wig, those could have been bought after Mary Winkler killed her husband.

He canít refute the testimony.

The woman on the jury who had been abused shouldnít have been on there. She was obviously already predisposed to convict Mary Winkler of a lesser crime.


Joe Lashley

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