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Science provides facts that can form varied opinions

To The Daily: In the April 21 paper, the Rev. James Evans made the statement: “After all, behaviors that are somehow part of the natural order cannot be regarded as matters of choice and are therefore, beyond judgment.” This was made claiming that, if science can prove homosexuality is natural, it should be above judgment. The Rev. Evans must also believe the behavior of drunken alcoholics should be above judgment. This given that science has already proven that alcoholism is a naturally occurring genetic trait.

I must have missed the Rev. Evans’ article decrying laws that punish people for actions taken after they followed their natural desire to drink alcohol uncontrollably. After all, Mr. Evans makes the claim “that something we are born with cannot be sinful.” So it must equally annoy the Rev. Evans when politicians and religious leaders try to force alcoholics to fight their genetic desires.

Or maybe it is just that the Rev. Evans misunderstands the role of science. As a scientist, I know that science does not prove opinions or set moral guidelines. Science can only test theories and ideas to give us facts. How we interpret and use those facts to form opinions is up to us. And unfortunately for the Rev. Evans, logical, rational people can look at the same facts and form opposing opinions. Science will never be able to help with that.

Brad Hartong Ph.D.

Evans’ conclusions don’t follow from the research

To The Daily: This is in regard to the Rev. James Evans’ column: “Bible, Science and Battle of Homosexuality.” I don’t believe that the Rev. Evans read Dr. Albert Mohler’s article, “Is Your Baby Gay? What If You Could Know? What If You Could Do Something About It?” posted March 2, 2007, at If he had read the article, he would know that Dr. Mohler didn’t acknowledge that homosexuality has a biological basis, but that research points to some level of biological causation for sexual orientation in at least some individuals. Research has been done on sheep and other animals, as well as humans.

Also, Dr. Mohler didn’t recommend the development of some sort of medical procedure that will “undo the biology and render the child heterosexual.” Rather, the scientists studying the sexual behaviors of male sheep think they can also change the sexual orientation of the animals. Dr. Mohler writes of a “cure” hypothetically in the article. I highly recommend reading the article for clarification.

James Evans also refers to Andrew Newberg’s book “Why We Believe What We Believe.” Dr. Mohler’s article “Are Humans Hardwired for Belief in God? Darwinism Attempts a Naturalistic Explanation of Belief in the Supernatural,” March 7, 2007, deals with this subject. The suggestion that Dr. Mohler might like to find a way to eliminate atheists in the womb or do away with “liberal God believers” or create a super race is absurd. The Rev. Evans apparently doesn’t read or listen to Dr. Mohler. Otherwise, he would know better.

Beth Murphree

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