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FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2007


Put recycle bins at sports facilities

To The Daily: As an avid tennis player for more than half a century, I am amazed at the amount of recyclable material routinely discarded as trash at tennis and other sports facilities. Up to 90 percent of this waste could easily be recycled.

To my surprise, both tennis pros in Decatur and Huntsville expressed little or no interest in recycling. These city employees, who perform an admirable service while teaching our youths and others the game, are in a unique position to set good examples. Used tennis balls are routinely recycled for instruction and teaching purposes.

To recycle an aluminum can, for example, requires only 10 percent of the energy needed to configure it from raw material. With minimal effort and cost, a few well-marked recycle containers could be made available at city tennis courts, golf courses, parks, baseball and soccer fields to encourage most of us who are environmentally friendly to make a difference. Parents, teachers and coaches should encourage our young people to do their part in recycling to ensure success in better protecting our environment.

There appears to be a disconnect when we, as citizens, are afforded the opportunity to recycle at home, while too many of our city officials elect not to participate. To quote some tennis adages: “Just do it” and “follow through,” Decatur leaders. This would be a proactive undertaking, and the right thing to do.

John L. “Jack” Beasley

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