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SUNDAY, APRIL 29, 2007


Editorial echoes liberal left, degrades president

To The Daily: I was disappointed in your editorial on the pending bill to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that appeared April 25. Since I moved here in 1989 I have always thought your paper leaned a little to the left on some national matters, but on the whole a pretty fair-minded paper.

This editorial put that notion to rest. You seem perfectly happy to echo the liberal left talking points and join the march to appeasement and defeat. Shame on you. Get rid of that ring in your nose and start thinking for yourself.

How in the world can you align yourself with the likes of Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who have no ideas of their own but constantly try to degrade and embarrass our president in a time of war? You call their actions those of patriots?

In your editorial you conveniently omitted that the war-funding bill was loaded with billions of dollars in pork projects to make sure that the moderate Democrats donít stray from the fold regarding the inclusion of timelines in the bill. What thinking person canít see through this? That alone is reason enough to veto this bill. And another thing: You donít have to be a military general to know that in a war, you donít tell the enemy your plans in advance of carrying them out. This is absolute lunacy.

In future editorials I ask you to put aside this insane hatred for President Bush and Vice President Cheney that is so evident in the liberal media and do your own thinking.

There is no substitute for logic and good old common sense.

George M. Sloan

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