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FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2007


Europeans took America via unethical means

To The Daily: This is in response to Edwin J. Slaten’s letter of April 24. It is no wonder that he smells the putrid odor of the bodies of honesty, integrity, biblical morality, common sense and statesmanship. Those bodies have been putrefying since the Europeans settled the East Coast of North America more than 400 years ago.

From there they lied, stole and killed their way all the way to the West Coast. Along the way they managed to enslave one race of people, and almost exterminated the native race that was already here. The rationale was that they weren’t civilized. In other words, they weren’t Christian. The Cherokee and other Native Americans tried to join the white man when they understood they could not beat him. Among other accomplishments, the Cherokee developed an alphabet and a written language to try to prove they were civilized. They had the Bible translated into their language and become Christian, trying to placate the white man.

It didn’t work, and they were ordered off their property by the U.S. government. Instead of going to war, they took the government to court. The Supreme Court said they could stay where they were, but President Andrew Johnson made a statement to the effect that “the Indians might have the law on their side but I have the Army on mine.” Then he put them upon the “Trail of Tears.” I find no record of which side God was on.

Well so much for common sense, honesty, integrity and biblical morality. I also suspect that most statesmen were just politicians who never got caught.

Connie M. Thomason

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