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MONDAY, MAY 7, 2007


Yard-parking bad for city lawn-mowing business

To The Daily: Someone tell me why our City Council canít get something done. We have city ordinances and beautification rules in place which are for the good of our community. Thereís the ordinance that says your grass canít be too high or the city will come around and cite you and, if you donít cut it they will and then send you a hefty bill for it.

But I have seen plenty of city-owned property in violation of this ordinance. Who cuts it and then cites them? Then there are folks in old Decatur who want improve their homes by repairing them using vinyl window frames which look just as good as wooden frames, are cost effective, and easier to maintain, but the city says they canít do that because when the home was originally built it was built with wood frames. These and other rules were voted on at one time and a city ordinance was passed.

Then the utility company comes around without notice and butchers your trees if theyíre too close to their power lines. Talk about unsightly and unbeautiful. Now, to those unsightly lawn ornaments. Vehicles, lawn yachts and lawn appliances have all had their moments in the decorating spotlight. After all, werenít the homes originally built without these in the yards? My wife came up with one explanation. If you wear your grass down with an automobile at least the city canít cite you for it being too tall — you wonít have any. Therefore the city is losing money by allowing this. The council needs to get off their duffs and do something about this. This is ridiculous.

Steve Escue

Little things mean a lot

To The Daily: Itís great to see the officials of this county try to make Decatur better with new homes and new subdivisions. Itís nice and all, but that isnít going to make Decatur any better. People want to believe that Decatur is a pleasant and beautiful city. Parts are, but who can really enjoy anything in this city when youíre trying to avoid the smell of sewer and treatment plants? Come on, we have time and money for parks and road work, but what about that smell?

It just breaks my heart when I drive down Alabama 20, hold my breath and look over to my right to see that poor school sitting right across from the smell (treatment plant) itself.

Itís not just the smell that brings problems to Decatur. Donít forget about the traffic lights as well. The Beltline gets 3 to 4 minutes of green lights when other roads that are just as important and also have a lot of traffic only get 30 seconds — if you move fast enough.

Decatur can pat itself on the back for a job well done, or at least pretend everything is great. Fixing large issues doesnít bring people here. Itís the smaller picture they are looking for.

Oscar Snyder

Patriots teach by example; scoundrels give lip service

To The Daily: I, as a freeborn citizen of the U.S. of long standing, am not willing to have Bobby Graham of Athens (or anyone else) give me lessons in patriotism except by their own example.

About 300 years ago Dr. Samuel Johnson said, ďAn appeal to Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrelĒ or words to that effect. Apparently still true.

Allan G. LeBaron

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