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THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2007


Begin to prepare for World War III now

To The Daily: I think World War III is imminent. The Islamic fanatics will not allow world peace. They want to form a theocracy nation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Kuwait and others to be the most powerful nation in the world.

I think we need to start the draft and build a big, strong Army. We are too humane to drop atomic bombs until we are attacked first. And if they had atomic bombs they would use them. The only way to win a war is like World War II with a big Army (got to have ground forces), Air Force and Navy.

We went into Iraq without an adequate Army to win the battle of Iraq. We cannot win the battle of Iraq as long as Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia support the terrorists, therefore World War III.

A powerful military will enforce diplomacy. The Middle East knows we are weak and are taking advantage of the U.S. because of it. They respect a strong force of power.

I wish I had people of influence to support this argument. We need to get off our duffs and get started.

Leroy J. Carlisle Jr.

Goodwill after-hours ‘donations’ costly

To The Daily: In reference to the “Hiding in plain sight” article published in The Decatur Daily on April 30: Alabama Goodwill’s policy is that material donations should be made during business hours, and donors are discouraged from leaving items after hours of operation. Often, donations left after the store closes are items that should have been taken to a landfill. Having to provide transport of these items to a landfill costs Alabama Goodwill valuable dollars, which could have been used for our programs that serve disabled individuals. In addition, once donations have been left on Goodwill property, we consider removal of those items to be theft and have notified the local police that we will prosecute if anyone is apprehended stealing these donations.

Caroline L. Thomas
Vice president of communications/ development, Alabama Goodwill Industries Inc., Birmingham

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