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FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2007


Illegals taking away U.S. money, sovereignty

To The Daily: The illegal alien marches that recently took place make it hard to believe a year has gone by since the last one. The saddest part is that no changes have been made to protect the United States or its native-born American citizens and legal, naturalized citizens from the invasion.

While the Democrats and Republicans alike try to disguise their plans to provide amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, babies are being born for free by the tens of thousands to illegal mothers, who will then petition for residency. Those babies will receive free health care, nutrition and education, while many of their mothers will never set foot in a workplace.

While parties in Washington try to justify their inaction, entire communities are being changed into places where many no longer feel safe. Many illegal aliens have criminal histories and simply continue their work here. While Washington’s elite banter back and forth, legal, naturalized citizens scratch their heads and wonder why they bothered to come to this country legally when illegal aliens get the same benefits without all the work. Meanwhile, the illegal aliens mock our laws and send for their extended families so they, too, can enjoy the good life on the American taxpayers’ tab.

While there are illegal aliens here from all over the world, Mexico is the source of the overwhelming majority. It might surprise some that Mexico’s economy is among the top 10 worldwide. There are free elections in Mexico and Mexican nationals send home more than $1 billion in remittances each year. The United States provides more visas to Mexican nationals every year than to people of any other nationality. So, don’t feel sorry for illegal Mexicans in this country. Feel sorry for the fact we are losing our sovereignty because our government refuses to act.

Carmen Callahan

Urge senators to reject immigration reform bill

To The Daily: I am writing about the immigration reform bill coming up. The United States is being flooded by illegal immigrants and more are crossing over every day. The protesters are wanting the United States to knock down the fence so more can come over here and take jobs and our country over.

They pay no taxes, they are exempt from obeying our laws here. They don’t even have to carry a driver license and are not required to have car insurance here. This is wrong. Our schools are suffering because of the illegals who are here now.

I am encouraging all Americans to call their senators and tell them to vote “no” on immigration reform and “yes” for securing our borders. Sen. Jeff Sessions’ number is (202) 224-4124 and Sen. Richard Shelby’s number is (202) 224-5744. This is the time to do something right and American.

David W. Kelley

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