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SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2007


Evans’ column doesn’t belong on religion page

To The Daily: As a former resident of Alabama for more than 12 years, I enjoy reading The Decatur Daily to keep up to date on what is happening in the Tennessee Valley. As a whole, I enjoy reading your paper and find it informative and well done.

I do have one dissatisfaction in the area of religion reporting. The James L. Evans article in the religious section is out of place. As a pastor, I look at the religious section for information concerning faith, yet Evans has chosen to delve into politics in nearly every article, with a strong slant toward the liberal. Mr. Evans has the right to his own viewpoint, but his political views should be aired in the “letters to the editor” section, not the religious page.

A recent article is case in point. I have no desire to hear his diatribe on gun control. Gun control is not a “hot issue” within the church of Jesus Christ. Mr. Evans would do well to share his thoughts on how the Bible relates to and gives guidance to people in our world today, not use his privilege as a contributor to spout his political views under the guise of being a writing pastor in the religious section.

At the very least, include a conservative Christian viewpoint to balance Evans left-leaning articles. I’ve contacted Evans previously by e-mail and did receive a reply — full of more of the same. He was less interested in explaining himself and more interested in justifying.

Bryan Hall
Bristol, Va.

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