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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2007


Dangerous intersection needs a traffic signal

To The Daily: I cannot figure out why Decatur canít justify a red light at the intersection of Alabama 24 and McEntire Lane. I live down the road from the intersection and it seems there is a wreck there at least once a week.

Several years ago I e-mailed this question to the Decatur City Council. The response was that a red light had to be justified. How many people have to be hurt or killed to justify a light? They justified a light out in the middle of nowhere on Modaus Road where the new recreation park was built. Once every blue moon a car comes out of the park and needs a green light.

But, I guess I just need to remind myself this is the same city that approved the riverwalk path from Point Mallard — and nobody knows where it is.

This is also the same city that tore down the old ice-skating rink because it was in such need of repair because it did not support itself. So, they built a brand new ice rink that wonít support itself either.

Jerry Cottongin

Bush right about Iraq, hated due to Florida

To The Daily: I was moved by the piece in reference to President Ronald Reagan. When I read in this piece about the greatness of this good man, and then I read as a regular diet in The Decatur Daily reference to the hatred of our president, George W. Bush, Iím convinced all of the ranting and raving against Mr. Bush in reference to Iraq, among the other tidbits that are used in reference to him, is because of one thing: He is still hated because he won the presidency in Florida and that carries over until today because of Iraq.

If the nation and its people, including The Decatur Daily, could see what is involved in Iraq and the days that follow we could see that the president was right all the time. We are in a life-and-death struggle in our nation. Our nationís future could well be determined by the conclusion in Iraq. But speaking of the hatred of this man, I remind you that he is the elected president and deserves our respect.

Maybe then the love and respect for President Reagan, which he richly deserves, might leak over to President Bush and that would be a good thing for the nation.

Carlos Cook

Midwifery bill wonít become law this year

To The Daily: As a child, I learned the Schoolhouse Rock song ďIím Just a Bill.Ē The tune was catchy and fun to sing, but until recently, the words meant little to me. This year I have been involved with The Alabama Birth Coalition ( regarding HB199 — the bill to legalize midwifery in Alabama. I phoned state Sen. Arthur Orr and state Rep. Micky Hammon several times. Each conversation was positive and encouraging as these elected officials listened to their constituent. Numerous letters were also written to committee members.

With great anticipation, I watched the political process that included some amendments to HB199. However, I was frustrated that Health Committee Chair Rep. Mike Millican claimed the subcommittee did not have time to consider the substitute bill, that it had not gone through proper channels. Yet there was nothing proper about the time our bill spent in subcommittee receiving three or four public hearings with only one or two opponents at each hearing. The hearing room, however, each time was filled with women and mothers with babies who were in favor of legalizing midwifery in Alabama.

Unlike the Schoolhouse Rock song, HB199 will not become a law this year. But efforts and plans are already under way to make it happen next year. It gladdens my heart to know a group of mothers juggling the needs of their families can have a voice in Montgomery.

Tami Maloney

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